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Buzz Rickson’s – American Military Re- Productions

The Buzz Rickson’s brand is the result of a group of friends who shared a fascination with military clothing, with the historical pursuit of the Flight Jacket as the brands driving force. Buzz products adhere strictly to the specifications, materials and original craftsmanship of the original to recreate exact replicas of each garment.

The brand name comes from the lead role played by Steve McQueen in the WWII movie ‘The War Lover’.

Until recently the brand has only been available in Japan and mostly known by the devout and informed military jacket enthusiast. These products are only produced once a year in their Tokyo factory and are extremely limited.

Every garment begins with the study and thorough analysis of of exisiting vintage pieces. They then make every effort to duplicate the material paying close attention to the woven fabric techniques- firstly clarifying the exact time the material was made by examining the structure of the fibre, weaving method and spinning technology. For instance, in the case of nylon, they examine the existing nylons to confirm the melting point and conduct an infared spectrum ray analysis to determine the change in infared rays and temperature. If they are not already producing the unique material and have no way to obtain such a sample they will find old, broken machines and repair them to achieve their results. Combine this with deadstock 1940’s zippers and snaps, accurate military markings and badges- Buzz products are not only the pinnacle of military reproduction but are future collectables in their own right.

Peggs & son are proud to be the first independent online stockist of Buzz Rickson’s product in the U.K. For more information visit


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