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The Ultimate Clipper by Klhip

Meet Klhip®. A revolutionary nail clipper you’ll actually look forward to using. They have reverse engineered the standard clipper, so you apply pressure right above the blade. The results? Better ergonomics. Effortless cutting.

A nail so smooth you can skip the file. Plus, clippings tend to stay on-board instead of flying to the floor. And surgical stainless steel gives Klhip a sleek look that holds up for a lifetime.

  • The Style Wars always put out great looks from the dinfreeft cities. It’s always nice to see contrasting styles. I like the chances that #2 took. I also like the mix of colors he chose. However my personal tastebuds like Chasen’s flavor a little more. Great job fellas.P.S I’d also like to point out that Chicago would killed both cities but Ouigi and Gabe were spooked.