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All Things Camo

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  • Ralph-Lauren

    Ralph Lauren Hoover Wingcap Khaki Shoes

    Whether your preppy look has been tired out or geek chic needs revamping Ralph Lauren has come to your rescue. Continue reading


    British Woodland City Gent Camouflage Umbrellas by London Undercover

    The weather is on the turn and what better way to keep yourself dry with one of these handmade brollies? Continue reading


    YMC – Placket Shirt – Camo

    Safaris-style shirt from YMC (You Must Create) made from a fine bushed cotton with an amazing desert camo pattern. the placket detail uses an extra piece of fabric sewn around the lower button holes. features a chest pocket and long collar fastening. … Continue reading


    Buzz Rickson’s – American Military Re- Productions

    The Buzz Rickson’s brand is the result of a group of friends who shared a fascination with military clothing, with the historical pursuit of the Flight Jacket as the brands driving force. Buzz products adhere strictly to the specifications, materials … Continue reading

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    Maiden Noir – Longing for Darkness

    This collection is the follow up to the Autumn 10 collection ‘Wasted Youth’. The cut and sew pieces in the collection pay tribute to a heritage of vintage silhouettes though leaning toward a more refined and clean classic look. Fabrics … Continue reading


    Battelle’s Tactical Air Initiated Launch system (TAIL)

    The ‘TAIL’ uses compressed air, so there’s none of that noise you’d get with an explosive gunpowder-driven grappling hook gun. So noisy midnight raids are now a thing of the past! Phew, what a relief. This pneumatic launcher grappling hook … Continue reading


    Red Camo Collection by Trussardi 1911

    Consummately expressing Trussardi style through their attention to detail, choice of materials and tailoring and innovative overall vision and image. Continue reading


    Theatre of War by Maharishi

    Maharishi aims to convey a strong anti-war sentiment through its use of camouflage – reclaiming its symbolic value away from war. Continue reading


    North Face – Men’s Tent Mule

    Deliberating on whether to put the heating on or not? Maybe save those pennies on your heating bill and spend them on these… Continue reading


    SOPHNET. 11th Anniversary Barbour Bedale Jacket

    The special edition really comes together as you peek to the jacket’s interior, where a SOPHNET. applied its own signature via a Multi-Cam camouflage lining. Continue reading

    Camo Rubber Duck

    The art of camouflage… Available at

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    Camouflage art by Laurent La Gamba

    Laurent La Gamba (b. 1967) is an artist, photographer, and video artist interested in pro-crypsis (camouflage) La Gamba’s projects span a variety of in situ installations, performances and photographic installations to look at Procrypsis in relationship to the world of … Continue reading

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